Margaret River Travel Guide

Located three hours south of Perth, Margaret River is a calm area that is well-known for its vineyards – but also for its awe-inspiring natural sights. From caverns to seaside lookouts, Margaret River offers modern adventurers plenty of areas to explore. While the town of Margaret River is known for cultural sites, wineries and breweries, the surrounding areas are dotted with excellent natural attractions.

Things to see and do in Margaret River

Start your adventure in Margaret River by visiting beautiful limestone caverns. The area surrounding the town of Margaret River is filled with pristine limestone caves, so you won’t have trouble finding an underground destination that leaves you impressed. The Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge has over 150 caves that are suitable for explorers with various levels of experience. Some caves are safe for casual weekend holiday-goers, and other caverns are suitable only for experienced cavers.

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park – Margaret River, Western Australi

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park footpath, near to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse in WA.


For a magical view of a lake that is hidden entirely within a cavern, go to Lake Cave. After admiring the strange underground body of water, go to Jewel Cave to view stalagmites and beautiful formations. Mammoth Cave is also a popular destination. Ngilgi Cave is a well-preserved cavern and historical site. As an ancestral home of the Aboriginal people, Ngilgi Cave will teach you about the culture of Australia’s ancient natives. Ngilgi Cave is also filled with shawls, helictites, and other intricate rock formations.

The coastline near Margaret River stretches over 120 kilometres, and it is surrounded by water on three sides. With white sands and a rocky perimeter, this coastline has incredible beaches that offer an excellent balance of beauty and solitude. One of the best beaches for exploration and photography is Meelup. This beach has many shade trees and sapphire waters, so you’ll enjoy a comfortable day in paradise. Eagle Bay is a beautiful location that will give you a calming feeling as you gaze upon colourful rock formations that are accompanied by blue water and a forested coastline.

Lake Cave – Margaret River, Western Australia

Suspended table formation hovering above the permanent lake in the Lake Cave tourist attraction in Margaret River, WA.