Monkey Mia Travel Guide

Monkey Mia is a famous holiday destination that is located on the north-western coast of Western Australia. This is a prime destination for Australians who love marine wildlife and gorgeous coastal views. As a protected nature reserve, the waters near Monkey Mia shelter a variety of marine life. When you walk along the white beaches of the area, you may also encounter various avian species, including eagles, gulls, terns. On calm days, keep an eye out for dolphins in the sea.

Things to see and do in Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is a haven for several pods of bottlenose dolphins. These adorable creatures are quite sociable. The dolphins will allow you to touch them while you wade in the cool waters of Monkey Mia. Under the supervision of a park ranger, you may also feed the dolphins. Interacting with these peaceful mammals of the sea is a relaxing experience that you will never forget. You may notice that bottlenose dolphins are extremely intelligent.

Monkey Mia, Western Australia

Wild dolphins near the shore at Monkey Mia Beach.


The social habits and intelligence of dolphins are regularly studied by researchers. Scientists from across the globe regularly visit Monkey Mia to observe the social patterns and adaptations of dolphins and other creatures in the area. Monkey Mia has been a hub for marine research since 1984, and it has contributed to several breakthroughs in biology and ecology.

This nature reserve is located 900 kilometres north of Perth, but it is only 25 kilometres northeast of Denham. Australian travellers can drive to Denham for a long adventure, or they can fly directly to Shark Bay Airport. Monkey Mia is the premier attraction of Denham and the surrounding areas, but you may also enjoy some of the interesting features of Shark Bay Marine Park. Located on the edge of ecologically diverse Shark Bay, this marine park is a huge reserve. It covers approximately 7,500 square-kilometres. Pack a high-quality camera and sturdy bushwalking shoes, and explore the gorgeous landscape of this park. During your adventures in Shark Bay Marine Park, you will follow rugged trails that will guide you to wetlands, lagoons, beaches, and coves.

In addition to walking and sightseeing, Monkey Mia is perfect for fishing. With a license, you may target some of the species that reside in the Eastern Gulf Zone and Denham Sound. If you snorkel or dive in the waters of Shark Bay, you may encounter sharks and dugongs. You can also participate in a guided tour to learn about marine biology.

Visit the Hamelin Pool Marine Nature Reserve in the southern portion of Dunham Sound to see ancient formations. This important area shelters stromatolites. These active sedimentary rocks are not formed by natural geological processes. Instead, they are created by microorganisms.