Ningaloo Marine Park Travel Guide

Located just 10 kilometres north of Exmouth, Ningaloo Marine Park is a prime destination for ocean-loving adventurers. Ningaloo Marine Park shelters the world-famous Ningaloo Reef, a coral reef that extends 10 nautical miles into the Indian Ocean from the coast of Western Australia.

As a pristine marine environment, this park is home to many white beaches and underwater habitats. Visit Ningaloo to experience the therapeutic effects of the ocean. Regardless of whether you enjoy extreme adventures or simple sightseeing tours, Ningaloo Marine Park will help you realise that you don’t need to travel far to experience both.

Things to see and do in Ningaloo Marine Park

With over 700 species of fish and 200 species of coral, Ningaloo Marine Park is one of the most well-preserved marine habitats in the world. Explore the shallow portions of Ningaloo Marine Park by snorkelling. Turquoise Bay and the Oyster Stacks are excellent snorkelling destinations when weather conditions are suitable. These areas have calm waters that appear clear on most days.

Turquoise Bay – Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia

The picturesque waters of Ningaloo Reef at the famous Turquoise Bay. Ningaloo Reef is one of the best diving locations in the southern Hemisphere, famous for its Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.


After you have explored the precious wonders of Ningaloo’s shallow waters, use some scuba gear to wander the depths. In the past, the Ningaloo Reef was treacherous for seafaring vessels. Because of this, the seafloor near Ningaloo Marine Park is littered with shipwrecks and old relics. When you reach the seafloor, you will be impressed by the numerous whale-hunting vessels that now reside near Ningaloo Reef. Very few of these types of whaling vessels still exist, so a diving tour of Ningaloo is an excellent opportunity to plunge into the history of the area.

Along with historical points of interest, visit some of the caverns and nooks under the reef. These areas will surely spark your sense of adventure. While diving, keep an eye out for amazing whale sharks. These creatures are very gentle, and you can swim next to them without being harmed. Whales sharks are often spotted in this area from April until June. The reefs also offer shelter to turtles, reef sharks, and rays.

If you would prefer to explore areas where the oxygen is plentiful, consider leasing a kayak from Coral Bay. From Coral Bay, you can paddle across turquoise waters to visit several beautiful islands near Ningaloo Marine park. On the open water, you will feel the spray of saltwater on your face as the hot sun warms your back. This is a truly refreshing experience that will allow you to escape the worries of modern life.

Challenge fierce creatures of the sea by fishing in popular areas like the Dunes. For relaxation, go to one of Ningaloo’s numerous beaches. South Paradise Beach is a prime spot that is located near Purdy Point. This beach offers quiet areas for tanning, resting, and sports. Trisel Beach is also a suitable option.