Pemberton Travel Guide

Pemberton is a historical town that is surrounded by beautiful wilderness landscapes. Located in the South West region of Western Australia, Pemberton is an area that will rekindle your desire to explore the great outdoors. From scenic riverside locations to awe-inspiring forests, the areas surrounding Pemberton are simply amazing. Situated just 335 kilometres south of Perth, Pemberton is easy to access.

Pemberton is located northeast of the Warren River. When you visit the areas near the town, you will be awed by the sheer beauty of the untouched wilderness. For an adventurous experience, explore popular areas like Big Brook State Forest, Gloucester National Park, and Pemberton Forest Park. Be amazed by dense wooded areas, lovely fields, and stunning lookouts.

Things to see and do in Pemberton

While the town of Pemberton has several historical and cultural attractions that may pique your interest, the most incredible wonders of the area are located deep within the wilderness. Start by visiting D’Entrecasteaux National Park. This well-preserved park is filled with amazing natural gems, including dark forests, sparkling lakes, and roaring waterways.

One of the most rewarding views of D’Entrecasteaux National Park is Lake Jasper. Lake Jasper is the largest body of fresh water in Western Australia. Rejuvenate your senses by swimming in the cool waters of Lake Jasper after a long day of bushwalking across rugged terrain. Lake Jasper is a peaceful location, but it is sheltered by rugged landscapes.

After you experience the wonders of Jasper, travel westward to experience the awe-inspiring views of Black Point. Located on the coast, Black Point is an impressive column of black basalt that juts into the ocean. While Black Point is a popular location, it is usually quite peaceful. Enjoy the music of crashing waves as you gaze across the vast expanse of shimmering water.

If you enjoy extreme challenges, go to the Bibbulmun Track. The Bibbulmun Track is a long bushwalking path that spans from east of Perth to Albany. This impressive track is over 1,000 kilometres in length, and it cuts through the forests near Pemberton. During your journey along the Bibbulmun Track, you will encounter diverse wildlife, including birds, mammals, and reptiles. During the summer months, you may also see picturesque fields of wildflowers.

Finish your adventure in Pemberton by visiting the world-famous lookout trees. Climb the Gloucester, Bicentennial, and Diamond trees to enjoy splendid views of Pemberton and the surrounding areas. You will impressed by the seemingly endless green sea that rests on top of the forest.

Climate conditions

Pemberton and the surrounding areas have a Mediterranean climate. During the summer months, you can enjoy conditions that are both warm and dry. You should expect chilly weather during the winter months. Winter is also the rainy season for Pemberton. On average, Pemberton receives 1,200 millimetres of rainfall. Precipitation is expected on 176 days per year in Pemberton.