Rockingham Travel Guide

Rockingham is a major regional centre in Western Australia. With a population of about 110,000 permanent residents, Rockingham is a bustling place. You can expect convenient urban amenities, interesting cultural exhibits, and fine restaurants.


When you explore this gorgeous city, you will have several opportunities to learn about Western Australia’s history Rockingham was one of the first places in the state to be populated by Europeans during the period of colonisation. In fact, the city is named after a sailing vessel that transported some of the first settlers to Western Australia. After these settlers arrived in Western Australia, they travelled to Perth to form a capital.

Rockingham was established as an official city of Western Australia in 1847. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Rockingham and the surrounding areas were occupied by the Noongar Aboriginal people. These indigenous Australians used the marine resources and shelters of the area to thrive and flourish for thousands of years. After the resources of Rockingham were surveyed, European Australians earned income from fishing, shipping, and agriculture. Today, Rockingham’s economy is supported by several industries, including fishing, tourism, shipping, retail, and construction.

Things to see and do in Rockingham

Rockingham is situated on the edge of Mangles Bay, so prepare to be amazed by a lovely world of flawless beaches, hidden coves, and blue waters. The city is surrounded by picturesque natural areas, so it is also a fantastic gateway to the wilderness. Start your grand adventure in the city by walking along the gorgeous white sands of Rockingham Beach. Escape the summer heat of Western Australia by swimming in the cool water.

Before you leave Rockingham Beach, visit the lovely Catalpa Memorial. This monument has immortalised the daring actions of the six convicts who escaped from Fremantle Prison. Admire the sculpture of six geese while you reflect on the area’s interesting historical events. If you truly enjoy monuments, visit Rockingham Naval Memorial Park. This interesting park has several exhibits that will teach about the maritime history of the Australian Navy. You may also see ships and relics.

Penguin Island – Rockingham, Western Australia

People heading for some coastal fun on the beaches of Penguin Island. A beautiful and interesting location for tourists and locals alike.

Explore the region’s Shoalwater Island Marine Park. Shoalwater Island Marine Park is a gorgeous marine reserve that stretches from Becher Point to the Garden Island Causeway. Since most of this park consists of open waters, you should use a kayak to witness its best features. During your intense adventure on Mangles Bay, you will learn what it means to truly be free. Use your strength and navigation skills to explore islands, coves, and rock formations. Shoalwater Island Marine Park has several limestone rock formations that are just waiting to be discovered, so be sure to bring a camera to capture stunning images. You may also witness seabirds, dolphins, and turtles. For a complete adventure, tour the coasts of Penguin and Seal Islands.