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Stirling Range National Park
Travel Guide – Western Australia

Stirling Range National Park Travel Guide

Stirling Range National Park is a beautiful destination in Western Australia. As its name suggests, this nature reserve shelters the picturesque slopes of the Stirling Range. Situated in the heart of the pastoral lands and wilderness of Western Australia’s Great Southern region, Stirling Range National Park is a magnificent place for activities in the great outdoors. Walk along the isolated tracks of Stirling Range to be amazed by panoramic views of tall mountains and green forests. During the evenings, you may gaze at a fiery sunset that paints the entire area with hues of red, pink, and orange. The tracks of Stirling Range National Park can be quite rugged after periods of rainfall, so you should come prepared with trusty bushwalking shoes, food, and water. Since Stirling Range National Park is a protected area, you should not remove plants or rocks.

Things to see and do in Stirling Range National Park

Enjoy an overnight adventure in Stirling Range National Park by camping at Stirling Range Retreat or Mt. Trio Bush. You will earn a true wilderness experience when you listen to the sounds of rustling leaves as nocturnal creatures explore your campsite. Camping in a peaceful natural area will release the stress from your mind, so be sure to leave your electronics at home. You can sleep in a tent, or you may rest under the black night sky. Since Stirling Range National Park is in a remote area of Western Australia, the night sky is not hidden by urban light pollution.

Stirling Range National Park, Western Australia

Hiking trail in Stirling Range National Park, Western Australia.

This nature reserve is listed as an important bird area by BirdLife International. If you tread carefully as you explore the forests of the Stirling Range, you can spot cockatoos and whipbirds. Be prepared to encounter rare birds that can only be found in protected locations.

If you would like to escape the heat on a summer day, visit the Kalgan River. This gorgeous river is located in the lowlands, and you will see a lush world of shrubs, trees, and ferns. The Kalgan River has many inlets and bends that hide natural wonders, so use a kayak to explore the waters. You may also test your fishing skills by targeting the freshwater species of the area.

Climb to the summit of Bluff Knoll for a thrilling adventure. Formerly known as Mount Rugged, Bluff Knoll is a green mountain that you may reach by following steep trails. This mountain is a popular attraction for both bushwalkers and climbers. The highest point of Bluff Knoll is located 1,095 metres above sea level, and you will be amazed by stunning views of mountains, woodlands, wetlands, and shrublands. Prepare to be mesmerised by a diverse landscape that shelters over 1,500 species of plants.

Toolbrunup Peak is not as popular as Bluff Knoll, but it is a great option for adventures who enjoy the remote wilderness. Toolbrunup Peak is located 1,052 metres above sea level.