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Katherine Show Day

Katherine Show Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

The Katherine Show occurs around the third weekend each July. It begins with several days of equestrian events before the two big show days on the weekend. It is a holiday for the documented region around Katherine.

202419 JulFriKatherine Show Day NT
202518 JulFriKatherine Show Day NT
202617 JulFriKatherine Show Day NT
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The equestrian events on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday often include admission that is free. Rodeos also feature on the Friday and Saturday nights. Whether it’s the bull rides, saddle broncs or barrel races, most age groups and skill levels can compete and make the two evenings into great rodeo events.

The other animal events include everything from dressage to the stock horses and showjumping, plus dog jumping, pet judging, shearing demonstrations, and poultry and caged-bird judging. Art, cooking, needlework, flowers, photography and even poetry fill the craft pavilions.

The Grand Parade is held on the Friday afternoon. And, of course, running throughout the grounds and the two days is the Side Show with rides, show bags and lots of fast food. The show begins to wind up on Saturday evening after the exciting fireworks display.

The Katherine Show has run since 1965 and works to bring together the many strands of the region including farming, cultures, crafts and businesses. Approximately 15,000 people come to the show each year and many of these are visitors to the town. The show is held at the Katherine Show Grounds on Victoria Highway near the southern end of town and general pedestrian entry is via Murphy Street.

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202321 JulFriKatherine Show Day NT
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