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Australia Public Holidays

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Australia celebrates seven national public holidays that are recognised in each of the eight states and territories. However, each state also has its own public holidays that are recognised in their region. Some of these holidays may be the same as other states or simply celebrated on different days.

Public holiday law is determined by each of the states and territories of Australia. The federal government has established only the seven official holidays and has granted each area their own power to create additional holidays for their areas.

The Fair Work Act of 2009 requires that all employers provide additional pay to their employees that are required to work on a public holiday. Most work contracts in Australia provide employees with a pay rate of double and one half their normal per hour rate for all work completed on a holiday.

Commerce is restricted or prohibited on some national holidays such as Easter and Anzac Day morning. And, if an employee is required to work on public holidays due to their job, they are still entitled to the premium pay rate for holiday work.

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