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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2023, 2024 and 2025

Mother’s Day in Australia shares the same date and the same sorts of traditions as the US where it originated. However, although Mother’s Day was established in the US by 1908, it took till 1924 to be well accepted in Australia. Mother’s Day is widely observed across Australia, although it is not a public holiday.

202314 MaySunMother's Day
202412 MaySunMother's Day
202511 MaySunMother's Day
202610 MaySunMother's Day
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Apart from it being imported from the United States, there is a special story of how Mother’s Day first began in Australia. A Mrs. Heyden of Sydney is said to have first come up with the idea of giving gifts to mothers on Mother’s Day.

She began giving them to mothers at the Home for Destitute Women and Children and then started traveling around to give gifts to lonely elderly mothers with no kids around to do it. The newspapers kept advertising Mother’s Day gift giving of this sort for seven years, and after that, the holiday finally become commonplace.

An old tradition is that people wear white flowers to honour their mother on Mother’s Day. However, the more common ways of celebrating include children giving their mother a gift, flowers, a card, a break from house chores, and maybe lunch or dinner out at a nice café or restaurant or a cooked meal at home.

Previous Years

20228 MaySunMother's Day
20219 MaySunMother's Day
202010 MaySunMother's Day
201912 MaySunMother's Day
201813 MaySunMother's Day