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Royal Hobart Show

Royal Hobart Show 2024, 2025 and 2026

The Royal Hobart Show is held every October at the Royal Showgrounds in Glenorchy. Going on for several days, Tasmanians and visitors alike enter the four-day festivities in anticipation of seeing the best of Tasmania’s present and future plans for coming into its own on a global stage.

202424 OctThuRoyal Hobart Show TAS
202523 OctThuRoyal Hobart Show TAS
202622 OctThuRoyal Hobart Show TAS
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Note: All of Tasmania south of and including Oatlands and Swansea also Bronte Park, Strathgordon, Tarreleah and Wayatinah – excludes West Coast.

Historical Background

Dating as far back as 1822, the Hobart Show was originally held near Salamanca Place in the Old Market Place by the State Parliament House. Its venue has varied somewhat over past 193 years Initially formed as a society for the protection of animals, His Royal Majesty King George V later approved the prefix ‘royal’ making it the The Royal Agricultural Society of Tasmania.

Cultural Events, Attractions And Festivities

Being the capital of Tasmania, a large island state off Australia’s south coast, Hobart is well-known for its diversified landscape: rugged wilderness areas and mountain regions alike. That said, the region’s unique landscape serves only to enhance the country life with a carnival atmosphere that makes the Royal Hobart Show so alluring.

There simply is no end to the Show’s wide range of attractions, events and animal exhibitions of both domesticated and commercial animals and pets alike.

  • Cultural Events

The Royal Hobart International Wine show, Australia’s second largest and most prestigious Wine Show, with its quality assurance accreditation, joins the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards Event and the Tasmanian Vineyard of the Year Competitions to its growing and distinguished portfolio.

  • Attractions and Festivities

A country, agricultural lifestyle is the basis for the Royal Hobart Show, and nowhere is it more exemplified than in the number of attractions that begin with the Home Crafts Display at the CWA Pavilion. Likewise, competitive events based on animal livestock and pets as well, are held throughout the Show grounds. Alpacas, Show art and crafts, cats, cattle-dairy, cattle-beef, cavies, commercial cattle, commercial lambs, commercial pigs and various dog classification entries abound.

Moreover, other events that focus on the rich, rural experiences of Tasmanians with an exciting accent on livestock judging and wood chopping, join exhibitors of splendid show bags and talented artisans as well. Naturally, a scary ride on several choice exhilarating rides is a must for everyone to enjoy.

Live entertainment, fashion shows and endless parades also mark the Royal Hobart Show’s distinction above other fairs. Moreover, a Horticultural exhibit forms part of the headline attractions as does a Village Lawn Spinning Wheel Exhibition, Woolworth’s Fresh Food Displays, a Vintage Car exhibition and a Youth Art and Student Photography Event.

As if that is not enough for visitors, then an exciting time spent at the Show circus may be just the place for the whole family. Not to be left behind, businessmen are also encouraged to come and display their products with endless possibilities for their business’ growth.

Planning For The Royal Hobart Show

Running for four consecutive days, starting with Wednesday through Saturday, the magnificent exhibition of Tasmania’s best ends on the fourth Saturday in October. With ample parking space for disabled and non disabled alike, The Royal Hobart Showground is located 10 km north of Hobart, between the junction at Brooker Highway/Goodwood Road and the Main Road in Glenorchy. Parking fees may apply.

Children under 5 years old have free admission; children 5 to 15 years old enter with a Child’s Ticket Price. It only comes once a year, but what an event for those who wish to celebrate the rich, uniqueness of Tasmania’s past, present and future. If there was ever an event to be shared by individuals and families alike, this is the one! Truly, a royal agricultural event if there ever was one, make plans now for the end of October each year, and come join the festivities at the Royal Hobart Show.

Previous Years

202326 OctThuRoyal Hobart Show TAS
202220 OctThuRoyal Hobart Show TAS