Public Holidays 2014 and 2015

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Public holidays in Australia are either national or state based. But it’s up to each individual state to decide if holidays can be substituted when they occur on weekends.

Generally, most states allow for extra holidays if New Years Day, Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day or Boxing Day fall on a Saturday or Sunday. If this happens, a holiday on Monday is added.

Rules for whether the day is a paid day off or not also depend on which state and what pay award affects the worker. Largely, if someone has to work on a holiday, that person is paid a penalty rate of up to ‘double-time-and-a-half’ (two and a half times their normal hourly rate). You can learn more about this by viewing section 116 of the Fair Work Act 2009.

In addition to public holidays, full-time employees are generally allocated 20 days of annual holiday leave by their employers. The amount of holidays however depends on your employment agreement.

2014 Public Holidays

1 JanWedNew Year's DayNational
8 JanWedDevonport Cup ^ TAS
26 JanSunAustralia DayNational
27 JanMonAustralia Day
(Replacement Day)
10 FebMonRoyal Hobart Regatta ^TAS
26 FebWedLaunceston Cup ^TAS
3 MarMonLabour DayWA
4 MarTuesKing Island Show ^TAS
10 MarMonCanberra DayACT
10 MarMonMarch Public HolidaySA
10 MarMonEight Hour DayTAS
10 MarMonLabour DayVIC
18 AprFriGood FridayNational
19 AprSatEaster SaturdayNational
(Except TAS & WA)
21 AprMonEaster MondayNational
22 AprTuesEaster Tuesday ^^TAS
25 AprFriAnzac DayNational
5 MayMonMay DayNT
2 JunMonWestern Australia DayWA
9 JunMonQueen's BirthdayNational
(Except WA)
27 JunFriBorroloola Show DayNT
4 JulFriAlice Springs Show DayNT
11 JulFriTennant Creek Show DayNT
18 JulFriKatherine Show DayNT
25 JulFriDarwin Show DayNT
4 AugMonPicnic DayNT
11 AugMonRoyal Queensland Show ^QLD
13 AugWedRoyal Queensland Show ^QLD
29 SepMonFamily and Community DayACT
29 SepMonQueen's BirthdayWA
3 OctFriBurnie Show ^TAS
6 OctMonLabour DayACT, NSW, QLD & SA
9 OctThursRoyal Launceston Show ^TAS
17 OctFriFlinders Island Show ^TAS
23 OctThursRoyal Hobart Show ^TAS
3 NovMonRecreation Day ^TAS
4 NovTuesMelbourne Cup Day **VIC
14 NovFriG20 Leaders' Summit
(Brisbane Area Only)
28 NovFriDevonport Show ^TAS
24 DecWedChristmas Eve *SA
25 DecThursChristmas DayNational
26 DecFriBoxing DayNational
(Except SA)
26 DecFriProclamation Day HolidaySA
31 DecWedNew Year's Eve *SA


^ Only selected areas. Please refer to individual holiday page for more details.
^^ Restricted public holiday in Tasmania. Observed by some awards/agreements and the State Public Service. 
* South Australia is a part-day public holiday from 7 pm to 12 midnight.
** All of Victoria unless alternate local holiday has been arranged by non-metro council.


2015 Public Holidays

1 JanThursNew Year's DayNational
7 JanWedDevonport Cup ^ TAS
26 JanMonAustralia DayNational
9 FebMonRoyal Hobart Regatta ^TAS
25 FebWedLaunceston Cup ^TAS
2 MarMonLabour DayWA
3 MarTuesKing Island Show ^TAS
9 MarMonCanberra DayACT
9 MarMonMarch Public HolidaySA
9 MarMonEight Hour DayTAS
9 MarMonLabour DayVIC
3 AprFriGood FridayNational
4 AprSatEaster SaturdayNational
(Except TAS & WA)
6 AprMonEaster MondayNational
7 AprTuesEaster Tuesday ^^TAS
25 AprSatAnzac DayNational
27 AprMonAnzac Day (Replacement Day) "WA
4 MayMonMay DayNT
1 JunMonWestern Australia DayWA
8 JunMonQueen's BirthdayNational
(Except WA)
26 JunFriBorroloola Show DayNT
3 JulFriAlice Springs Show DayNT
10 JulFriTennant Creek Show DayNT
17 JulFriKatherine Show DayNT
24 JulFriDarwin Show DayNT
3 AugMonPicnic DayNT
10 AugMonRoyal Queensland Show ^QLD
12 AugWedRoyal Queensland Show ^QLD
28 SepMonFamily and Community DayACT
28 SepMonQueen's BirthdayWA
2 OctFriBurnie Show ^TAS
2 OctFriAFL Grand Final ParadeVIC
5 OctMonLabour DayACT, NSW, QLD & SA
8 OctThursRoyal Launceston Show ^TAS
16 OctFriFlinders Island Show ^TAS
22 OctThursRoyal Hobart Show ^TAS
2 NovMonRecreation Day ^TAS
3 NovTuesMelbourne Cup Day **VIC
27 NovFriDevonport Show ^TAS
24 DecThursChristmas Eve *SA
25 DecFriChristmas DayNational
26 DecSatBoxing DayNational
(Except SA)
28 DecMonBoxing Day (Replacement Day)National
(Except SA)
28 DecMonProclamation Day HolidaySA
31 DecThursNew Year's Eve *SA


^ Only selected areas. Please refer to individual holiday page for more details.
^^ Restricted public holiday in Tasmania. Observed by some awards/agreements and the State Public Service. 
* South Australia is a part-day public holiday from 7 pm to 12 midnight.
** All of Victoria unless alternate local holiday has been arranged by non-metro council.

Important state-specific information

New South Wales

New South Wales public holidays are provided for by a state law called the Public Holidays Act 2010. This law sets out the 11 standard public holidays given to people in New South Wales – though the number of applicable public holidays is really 9, since many people don’t benefit from the official Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday holidays the Act sets out. (These 2 Easter holidays do greatly impact workers in cafes and restaurants, though, who get paid penalty rates if they work on these days).

The NSW public holidays set out in the Act are listed in the tables below. Some other key points contained in this law are:

  • The designated Minister of the state government can declare additional public holidays for any given year, by publishing the announcement on the NSW legislation website a minimum of 7 days beforehand.
  • Employees are entitled to be absent from work on a public holiday according to Section 114 of the Fair Work Act 2009
  • Employees are entitled to pay while absent from work on public holidays, provided they meet the criteria set out in Section 116 of the Fair Work Act 2009.
  • The designated Minister can declare special Local Event days at the request of local councils if the day is deemed to be of special significance to the community. These Local Event days are not official public holidays and employees are not entitled to be absent, to be paid while absent, or for penalty rates.
  • This Act of 2010 replaces the original Bank and Bank Holidays Act 1912.


In Queensland, public holiday dates are governed by the Holidays Act 1983. As well as defining the schedule of public usual public holidays for the state, this is the law that provides for special public holidays such as the 14 November 2014 Brisbane area holiday for the Group of 20 leaders’ summit.

South Australia

South Australia public holidays are determined by a state law called the Holidays Act 1910. The law was originally enacted in 1910 and has since been amended 17 times – the last amendment being made in 2012. The Holidays Act 1910 provides 9 official public holidays for South Australians every year. This is in addition to every Sunday of the year – which by law are public holidays in South Australia.

According to the law, the Governor may also proclaim special one-off public holidays for the whole state or parts of the state. And they may also choose to change the observed date of any given public holiday by substituting the holiday on another day in the year.


The Statutory Holidays Act 2000 governs state holidays in Tasmania. The act was given royal assent on 13 December 2000 and replaces the now repealed Bank Holidays Act of 1919. It is unique amongst laws governing holidays across Australia since it provides an additional Easter Tuesday holiday for certain workers in government service. Tasmania also has a uniquely high number of “show days” comparable only with the high number of show days provided in the Northern Territory.